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Endometrial Receptive Analysis (ERA)

One of the leading causes of infertility in women is the abnormality with the inner lining of their uterus called as endometrial which is vital as it has to be normal at the time of arrival of the embryo and is the place where this embryo stays during early gestation. Abnormal endometruim is shredded with the beginning of menstruation.

Normally there is a particular window of time when the endometrium is receptive meaning is ready for embryo implantation to occur after fertilization, either naturally or artificially by IVF. There is a test is performed called ERA to determine this exact time during which an embryo can be transferred into the woman’s uterus when the endometrial is in receptivity state so as to achieve a successful pregnancy. It is a highly specialized patented genetic test done on an OPD basis so as to classify the endometruim as receptive or non-receptive to guide the optimum timing of embryo transfer. It is usually offered to patients with recurrent embryo transfer failures despite being of good quality.