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Fibroid Treatment

Fibroids, also called as uterine myomas are non-cancerous growths in the uterus. Patients with fibroid may remain without symptoms for a long time but some may experience heavy menstrual bleedings, abdominal pain or frequent urination. They may cause infertility or effect continuation of pregnancy.  The causes of fibroids are unknown but develop when oestrogen levels are high while they reduce in size with low oestrogen levels, which happens after menopause.

Treatment is both medical and surgical. Medications are prescribed to decrease the hormone levels so as to shrink the fibroids. Surgery, Myomectomy, is performed for large or multiple fibroids. Less invasive surgeries with minimal invasive surgery techniques are more frequently being done now along with newer modalities as Forced Ultrasound Surgery (FUS) or cryomyolysis freeze where the fibroids are made to shrink by myolysis