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Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting (MACS)

This technique allows the sperms with the best characteristics to be selected for fertilization of an oocyte so as to develop into a healthy embryo therpy increasing the chances of successful pregnancy.

All perms have a limited life and die through a process called Apoptosis. In a given sample there are sperms within various stages of apotosis and such a case of an oocyte being fertilized by an apoptotic spermatozoa then it is most likely that the embryo will not develop and end in miscarriage. But with this MACS technique the apoptotic spermatozoa are retained in the megnatic field and living spermatozoa pass which are then later used for infertility treatment such as in IUI, IVF and ICSI.

Who are Offered this Treatment?

This technique is used in patients with mainly:

  • In patients who have had at least previous treatment cycle failures due to poor embryo quality which is not attributable to the oocyteIn patients being treated with
  • Infertile couples with male partner having high level of DNA fragmentation in their sperms
  • Patients being treated with artificial Insemination
  • Patients who have had repeated miscarriages with an unidentified cause