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Treatment involving Donors

There are some couples who have defective ovaries or sperms and are unable to produce healthy egg and sperm. Such patients if are unsuccessful with self-gamete production despite treatment are offered a donor egg or donor sperm. In a very few couples a complete embryo can be offered for medical reasons and is called embryo adoption or more commonly embryo donation. The couples are thoroughly counselled together about the whole process and genetic implications involved in such a treatment.

a)    Egg Donation

When the female partner is unable to produce healthy ovum (egg) then they are taken from a healthy young woman (the egg donor) and then are fertilized with the sperms of the male partner (husband) so as to form a fertilized egg resulting into embryos which is then transferred into the female partner’s uterus.

What is the Process of Egg Donation?

The first step is selection of an anonymous donor by the centre who is approved after a though medical and genetic screenings. After selection the donor’s ovaries are stimulated by a stimulation regimen to produce multiple eggs which are then retrieved, fertilized by IVF/ICSI and after these embryos are processed in the lab. After which those embryos with the highest quality are transferred into the female partner’s uterus which has been medically prepared.

Who are Offered this Treatment?

To older women who have reduced quality and quantity of eggs in their ovaries. In addition it is offered to women with premature ovarian failures, endometriosis, severe PCOD, ovarian cancers or with hyperprolactinemia. Sometimes it is offered to women having recurrent IVF failures. Women with genetic diseases that they do not want to pass on to the child.

b)    Sperm Donation

It is offered to couples when the male partner is unable to give his sperms, either naturally or surgically then a donated sperm (anonymous) is used to either inseminate the woman (IUI) or to fertilise her eggs in an IVF process. The anonymous donor sperm samples that have been Pre-screened for viral infections and common genetic disorders are obtained from registered sperm banks which adhere to ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) rules and regulations.

Who are Offered this Treatment?

When there is no sperm production (Azoospermia) in the male partner or men with known genetic disorders and could transmit to their off springs and certain couples with male factor infertility.

c)  Sperm and Oocyte Freezing

Sometimes unfertilized eggs and sperms are frozen by recently developed freezing techniques in the lab of the centre to allow for future use.

d)   Embryo Donation Program

In this procedure both, a healthy anonymous donor’s eggs are fertilised with anonymous donor sperm from a sperm bank and then the resultant embryos are placed in the designated mother’s uterus at an appropriate time. This process leads to a high pregnancy rate but the couples are counselled regarding will only be their biological child and not their genetic child.

Who are Offered this Treatment?

It is offered when both partners are infertile, or there is a high risk of passing on certain genetic diseases to their offspring and in couples with recurrent IVF failures.