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Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation

Newer urban lifestyle with very hectic life and increased career demands have forced many couples to defer having children but this leads to progressive decrease in their chancing of having conception later. Secondly there are many patients who undergo chemotherapy or radiation during their cancer treatment which are also known to cause reduced fertility or premature ovarian failure. With the latest advancement in reproductive medicine such young men and women can opt for fertility preservation techniques where they can preserve and store their sperm or oocytes to be used later.

The centre presently offers Oocyte, Sperm and Embryo Vitrification as part of the fertility preservation program.

Who Should opt for this Procedure?

Patients are offered this option to preserve their gametes prior to their radiation or chemotherapy treatments for cancers such as leukemia’s, lymphomas and sarcomas. It is also offered prior to medical treatment of certain other diseases as systemic lupus erythematosus, acute glomerulonephritis and Beehcet’s disease.  These treatments are also known to cause reduced fertility or premature ovarian failure. Certain women with lifestyle risk of Physiological (ovarian) aging or Premature ovarian aging (POA) also opt for this treatment. Certain individuals who are exposed to hazards such as radiations, lead, pesticides, fertilizers, heat from furnaces may also opt for fertility preservation