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Induction of Ovulation with Timed Intercourse

What is Induction of Ovulation?

Induction of Ovulation is the basic step in the management of infertility when the female partner receives certain medications so as to stimulate her ovary to produce more mature follicles or eggs which are then triggered to mature. Usually one egg is released in one cycle and hence is different procedure from controlled ovarian hyper-stimulation in which several follicles are simultaneously stimulated to produce multiple eggs in single cycle. 

Who are Treated with this Method?

Induction of Ovulation is suitable for women complain of infertility and have irregular menstrual cycles, increased body hair. Often have been found to have cysts in their ovaries in ultrasound eg PCOS(Polycystic ovarian syndrome).  They may be treated by this procedure as they do not ovulate on their own or may not be regular.  

What are the Steps of Treatment?

After initial consultation and evaluation the patient is started on treatment for the maturation of ovaries of the female partner. Ovulation induction cycles are followed by an HCG injection to induce ovulation and then final maturation of egg. Regular tests are done such as pelvic ultrasound to access the uterus endometrium (lining of the womb) and ovaries so as to determine the development of follicles. Blood tests to measure hormone levels are carried out to determine when a woman is most likely to ovulate which is her most fertile time. Subsequently, depending upon these tests and ovulation scans the doctor advices the couple to have intercourse on particular days to increase chances of pregnancy.